Accident and emergency make up approximately 98% of our missions. Much of this work is in the three National Parks and remote locations within the large expanse of country throughout the Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough & Buller area in which we operate. 

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1Apr       Double Bay, Collapse, Head Injury

1Apr       Anakiwa, Stroke

1Apr       Ngatimoti, Stemi

1Apr       Kaihoka, Motorcross Fall, Head Injury

2Apr       Marahau, Medical Emergency

2Apr       Pakawau, Stingray Barb in Leg

2Apr       Pakawau, Medical Emergency

2Apr       Kaihoka, Motorcross Fall

2Apr       Takaka Hospital, Medical Emergency

2Apr       Rai Valley, Medical Emergency

3Apr       Queen Charlotte Track, Knee Injury

3Apr       Westport to Wellington, Rock Climber 15m Fall

3Apr       Tapawera, Medical Emergency

4Apr       Westport-Greymouth, Stroke

6Apr       Waitaria Bay, Lumber Spine Injury

7Apr       Takaka, Medical Emergency

9Apr       Takaka Hospital, Medical Emergency

9Apr       Pohara, Medical Emergency

10Apr    Murchison, Medical Emergency

11Apr    Ruakaka Bay, Medical Emergency

13Apr    Pakawau, Medical Emergency

13Apr    Motueka, Medical Emergency

13Apr    SH6 Rai Valley, Motor Vehicle Accident

14Apr    Takaka, Fall from Lawnmower

14Apr    Awaroa, Fall

15Apr    Lyell Range, Beacon Search

15Apr    Ghost Lake Trail, Fall from Mountain Bike

15Apr    French Pass, Boat Incident

17Apr    Barrytown, Ankle Injury

18Apr    Inangahua, Motor Vehicle Accident

19Apr    Awatere Valley, Motor Vehicle Accident

19Apr    Lewis Pass, Motor Vehicle Accident

20Apr    Murchison, Medical Emergency

20Apr    Murchison, Fall

21Apr    Takaka, Medical Emergency

21Apr    Hackett, Search & Rescue, Operation Sharland

21Apr    Mt Cedric, Nelson Lakes, Beacon search

22Apr    Sabine River, Beacon Search

22Apr    Angelus Hut, Medical Emergency

22Apr    Wainui Inlet, Police, Bluffed Trampers

22Apr    Lake Constance, Beacon Search

22Apr    Blue Lake, Medical Emergency

22Apr    Murchison, Motorbike Fall

23Apr    Nelson, Medical Emergency

23Apr    Mt Stokes, Dislocated Knee

24Apr    Ruakaka Bay, Accident

24Apr    Takaka Hospital, Medical Emergency

24Apr    Kahurangi National Park, Beacon Search

24Apr    Anatoki River, Ankle Injury

25Apr    Kahurangi National Park, Beacon Search

25Apr    Ghost Road Trail, Mountain Bike Fall

25Apr    Takaka Hospital, Fall

26Apr    Takaka, Fall

28Apr    Ngakawau,  Medical Emergency



1Mar     Port Underwood, Forestry Accident

1Mar     Nelson - Wellington, Medical

1Mar     Nelson - Avalon, Amputated Thumb, Fall, Search & Rescue

1Mar     Reefton, Premature Baby

2Mar     Pelorus River, Broken Ankle

3Mar     Kawatiri, Motor Vehicle Accident

3Mar     Richmond Hills, Knee Injury & Lost, Beacon

4Mar     Witherlea Hills   , Outdoor

4Mar     Wakamarina, Puncture Wound to Leg

4Mar     Rai Valley, Fall from Horse

5Mar     Abel Tasman, Ankle Injury

5Mar     Clarence River, Leg Laceration, Beacon

5Mar     Marahau, Anaphylaxis

8Mar     Maruia, Truck Roll, Arm Injury

8Mar     Takaka Hospital, Seizure

8Mar     Awatere Valley, Ankle Injury

8Mar     Motueka Airfield, Medical Emergency

9Mar     Robert Ridge, Back Pain

10Mar   Brooklyn School, Collapse

12Mar   Nelson Hospital, Stemi

12Mar   Wairau Hospital, Stemi

13Mar   Takaka, Infection

15Mar   Nelson, Medical Emergency

15Mar   Westport, Premature Baby

16Mar   Mangarakau, Motor Cross Crash

16Mar   Devils Creek Hut, Fall

16Mar   Wellington Hospital, Maternity Medical

17Mar   Nelson Lakes, Beacon Search

17Mar   Nelson Lakes, Fall

17Mar   Nelson Hospital - Avalon, Finger Amputation

17Mar   Wairau Valley, Multi Trauma, Motor Vehicle Accident

18Mar   Delaware Bay, Medical Emergency

18Mar   Murchison, Fall

18Mar   Wairau Valley, Motorbike vs Car

18Mar   Anchorage, Medical Emergency

19Mar   Motupipi, Lower Back Pain

20Mar   Awaroa, Glass Cut to Wrist

20Mar   Angelus Hut, Groin Strain

22Mar   Murchison, Stemi

23Mar   Takaka Hospital, Medical Emergency

23Mar   Venus Hut, Karamea River, Ankle Injury

23Mar   Takaka Hospital, Stroke

24Mar   Havelock, Motor Vehicle Accident

25Mar   Takaka Hospital, Medical Emergency

26Mar   Kenepuru Head Camp, Anaphylaxis, Bee Sting

27Mar   Hutt Hospital, Fall Through Window        

30Mar   Takaka Hospital, Medical Emergency

30Mar   Westport Hospital, Head Injury, Fall



1Feb SH63 Wairau, Motorcycle Accident

2Feb Nelson, Medical, Stemi

2Feb Buller Gorge, Motor Vehicle Accident

3Feb Wharariki, Swimmers Stuck on Rocks

4Feb Westport, Medical Emergency

4Feb Kaikoura, Fall

5Feb St Arnaud, Waterskier Fall

5Feb Mt Arthur, Beacon Search

5Feb Pearse River, Tramper, Fall

5Feb Lake Tennyson, Beacon Search

5Feb Mt Princess, Tramper Fall

6Feb Whangamoa SH6, Motor Vehicle Accident, Car vs Truck

6Feb Aniseed Valley, Fall from Horse

6Feb Parapara, Medical Emergency

7Feb Hutt Hospital, Medical, Burns

9Feb Motueka, Head Injury

11Feb Wairau Hospital, Medical, Stemi

11Feb Puponga, Medical Emergency

11Feb Hoods Bay, Boat Incident

12Feb Westport Hospital, Facial Injury

13Feb Kina Golf Club, Medical, Stemi

14Feb Mt Arthur, Medical, Stemi

15Feb St Arnaud, Fall

15Feb Murchison, Medical Emergency

16Feb Takaka, Medical Emergency

19Feb Wairoa MTBP, Mountain Bike Accident

19Feb SH1 Spring Creek, Motor Vehicle Accident

20Feb Kahurangi NP, Beacon Search

20Feb Mokihinui River, OId Ghost Road, Mountain Bike Accident

21Feb Okiwi Bay, Medical Emergency

21Feb Mapua, Medical, Stemi

21Feb Havelock, Tramper, Fall

21Feb Owen River, Motor Vehicle Accident, Truck Over Bank

21Feb Kaikoura - Wellington, Medical, Stemi

23Feb Shenandoah, Motor Vehicle Accident

23Feb Branch River, Beacon Search

23Feb Takaka, Medical Emergency

23Feb Nelson Lakes, Beacon Search

23Feb Sabine River, Infection

24Feb Kaikoura - Christchurch, Medical Emergency

25Feb Kaiteriteri, Fall

25Feb Stephens Island, Overdue Diver

25Feb Takaka, Anaphylaxis Wasp Sting

25Feb Lower Moutere, Medical Emergency

26Feb Titirangi Bay, Broken Arm

2Feb Redwood Valley, Motor Vehicle Accident

27Feb Whangamoa Saddle, Motorbike Fall

28Feb Pakawau, Medical Emergency

28Feb Westport - Greymouth, Medical, Stroke

28Feb Lewis Pass, Beacon Search

28Feb Ada Valley Lewis Pass, Medical Emergency

28Feb Lower Moutere, Medical, Stemi

28Feb Takaka, Medical, Stemi

28Feb Canaan Downs, Harwoods Hole, Fall



1Jan Upper Takaka, Medical Emergency

2Jan Puponga, Accident, Wrist Injury

2Jan Coppermine Trail, Mountain Bike Fall

2Jan Karamea, Ugly Rivers, Beacon Search

3Jan Hamilton Bay, Marlborough Sounds, Facial Burns

4Jan Ruby Bay, Persons in Water

4Jan Courthouse Flat, Beacon, Leg Fracture

5Jan Oparara Caves , Motor Vehicle Accident

5Jan Inangahua, Motor Vehicle Accident

6Jan Takaka, Seizures

6Jan Wairau Valley, C-Spine

7Jan Okiwi Bay, Medical Emergency

7Jan Inangahua, Jetboat Accident

7Jan Shenandoah, Motor Vehicle Accident

7Jan Totaranui ATNP, Mountain Bike Fall

8Jan Uruwhenua East Takaka, Motor Cross Fall

9Jan Westport, Pneumonia, Septic Shock

9Jan Lyell Saddle Hut, Beacon, Mountain Bike Fall

10Jan Wakefield, Burns

10Jan Curious Cove, Outdoor Fall

10Jan Wairau Valley, Medical, Stemi

11Jan Richmond Hills, Ankle Injury

11Jan Havelock Marina, Ankle Injury

12Jan Taylor Pass, Motor Vehicle Accident

13Jan Dragons Teeth, Climbing Fall

14Jan Pohara, Medical Emergency

14Jan Motueka, Medical Emergency

14Jan Takaka, Appendicitis

15Jan Cleopatras Pool ATNP, Fall

15Jan Okiwi Bay, Road Cyclist

15Jan Tapawera, Motor Vehicle Accident

15Jan Richmond Hills, Beacon Search

15Jan Old Man Ridge, Fall

16Jan Totaranui ATNP, Outdoor Accident

16Jan Abel Tasman National Park, Fall

16Jan Takaka Hill, Medical Emergency

16Jan Mahau Sound, Fall

16Jan Port Underwood, Collapse

17Jan Onahau Bay, Medical Emergency

17Jan Torrent Bay, Medical Emergency

17Jan Nelson Hospital, Stemi

17Jan Yncyca Bay, Medical Emergency

19Jan Takaka, Medical Emergency

19Jan Wairau Hospital, Cardiac

20Jan Kekerengu Valley, Plane Crash

20Jan Wairau Hospital, Medical Emergency

21Jan Kenepuru Heads, Chainsaw to Hand

21Jan Matiri, Beacon Search

21Jan Lake Matiri Hut, Anaphylaxis Wasp Sting

23Jan Picton, Medical, Stemi

24Jan Bark Bay, Back Pain

24Jan Kaiteriteri, Mountain Bike Fall

24Jan Kenepuru Heads, Medical Emergency

25Jan Huranui, Glenrae River, Outdoor Accident

26Jan Hinapouri Tarn, Beacon Search

26Jan Moutere, Fall from Horse

26Jan Kenepuru Heads, Medical Emergency

26Jan Titirangi Bay, Amputated Finger

27Jan Nelson Airport, Medical, Stemi

27Jan Torrent River, Fall

28Jan Pohara, Medical Emergency

28Jan Takaka, Medical Emergency

28Jan Owen River, Medical Emergency

28Jan Takaka, Medical Emergency

28Jan Port Underwood, Medical Emergency

29Jan Maitai, Motorcycle Accident

29Jan Takaka, Allergic Reaction

29Jan Brightwater, Cardiac

30Jan Murchison, Medical Emergency

30Jan Collingwood, Anaphylaxis, Wasp Sting

31Jan Westport, Septicaemia