Accident and emergency make up approximately 98% of our missions. Much of this work is in the three National Parks and remote locations within the large expanse of country throughout the Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough & Buller area in which we operate. 


1Mar     Upper Travers Hut, Medical Emergency

3Mar     Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park, Concussion

4Mar     Upper Moutere, Motor Vehicle Accident

4Mar     Bark Bay, Abel Tasman, Injury

4Mar     Takaka Hospital, 2 x Medical Emergency

5Mar     Hanmer Springs, Stroke

5Mar     Mount Ellis, Red Hills, Beacon

7Mar     Rai Valley, Medical Emergency

7Mar     Saxon Hut, Heaphy Track, Head Laceration

8Mar     Bark Bay, Abel Tasman, Beacon

8Mar     Takaka Hospital, Broken Arm

11Mar   Wakamarina Hills, Mountain Bike Accident

12Mar   Westport Hospital, Car vs Bike

13Mar   Elaine Bay, Marlborough Sounds, Medical Emergency

14Mar   Picton, STEMI

14Mar   Wharariki, Winch Stranded Swimmers

15Mar   Maruia, Motor Vehicle Accident

15Mar   Takaka, Medical Emergency

15Mar   Takaka, Medical Emergency

16Mar   Tennison Inlet / Duncan Bay Road, Beacon

16Mar   Takaka, Medical Emergency

17Mar   Kaiteriteri, Drowning

17Mar   Waihopai Valley, Beacon

17Mar   Tea Tree Stream, Waihopai, Bee Sting

18Mar   Tapawera, Motorbike Accident

18Mar   Nelson Hospital, Medical Emergency

18Mar   Awaroa, Concussion

18Mar   Motueka Airfield, Medical Emergency

19Mar   Stanley Brook, STEMI

19Mar   Matakitaki Valley, Beacon

23Mar   Red Hills, Beacon Search

27Mar   Redwood Pass, SH1, Motor Vehicle Accident, Multi Trauma

30Mar   Tennyson Inlet,  Marlborough Sounds, Medical Emergency

30Mar   Picton, Paraglider Crash

30Mar   Lower Buller Gorge, Anaphylaxis

30Mar   Takaka, Medical Emergency

31Mar   Okiwi Bay, Anaphylaxis

31Mar   Collingwood, Motor Vehicle Accident



2Feb      Bark Bay, Abel Tasman National Park, Head Injury

2Feb      Blenheim, Medical, STEMI

2Feb      Totaranui, Bee Sting

3Feb      Wairoa Mountain Bike Park, Groin Injury

3Feb      Kahurangi National Park, Beacon Search

4Feb      St Arnaud, Water Skiing, Back Injury

4Feb      Motueka, Medical, Stroke

4Feb      Tara Bay, Kenepuru Sound, Ankle Injury

4Feb      Aniseed Valley   , Broken Leg

4Feb      Grahams Valley Motueka, Cyclist v Car

5Feb      Canvastown, House Fire, Burns  from Explosion

7Feb      Howard Valley Turnoff, Medical Emergency

7Feb      Duncan Bay, Marlborough Sounds, Shoulder Injury

8Feb      Te Pangu Bay, Marlborough Sounds, Co2 Poisoning

8Feb      Tonga Saddle - Awaroa, Groin Pain

9Feb      Greville Harbour, Durville Island, Medical Emergency

10Feb    Takaka Hill, Motorbike Cash

10Feb    Abel Tasman National Park, Fall Rivers, Dislocated Elbow

10Feb    Raetihi Lodge, Kenepuru Sound, Broken Wrist

12Feb    Tiaora Bay, Pelorus Sound, Medical Emergency

12Feb    Motukea River Glenrae/Tapawera, Search, Person Swept Away in River

12Feb    Woodstock, Medical, Seizures

13Feb    Kahurangi National Park, Beacon Search

14Feb    Ghost Lake Hut, Mountain Bike Rall

14Feb    Marahau, Medical, Anaphylaxis

15Feb    Wairau Hospital, Medical, STEMI

15Feb    Goose Bay SH1, Motor Vehicle Accident

16Feb    Awaroa, Medical Emergency

16Feb    Angelus Hut Nelson Lakes National Park, Head Laceration

16Feb    Murchison Hospital, Medical Emergency

17Feb    Homewood, Marlborough Sounds, Hand + Leg laceration

18Feb    Silvan Forest, Mountain Biker, Head Injury

18Feb    Okiwi Bay, Medical, Collapse

18Feb    Rakopi, Westhaven, Quadbike Rollover

18Feb    Wairau Hospital, Blood Transfer

19Feb    SH1 Riverlands, Motor Vehicle Accident, Head on Multi System Trauma

21Feb    West Bank Motueka, Fall

21Feb    Marahau, Medical Emergency

23Feb    Picton, Medical, STEMI

23Feb    Lower Moutere, Motor Vehicle Accident, Abdo, Back, Pelvis

23Feb    Takaka Hospital, Medical, Maternity

23Feb    Takaka Hospital, Medical, Appendicitis

24Feb    Kaikoura Hospital, Medical, Stroke

24Feb    Maruia, Motor Vehicle Accident, Rolled Ride on Lawnmower

26Feb    Takaka Hospital, Medical Emergency

27Feb    Motueka, Medical Emergency

28Feb    Nelson Lakes National Park, Hamstring

28Feb    Takaka Hospital, Fall, Broken Femor

28Feb    Okiwi Bay, Bite



1Jan       Bulwer, Medical Emergency

1Jan       Moetapu Bay, Kenepuru Sound, Stroke

1Jan       Separation Point, Fall

2Jan       Havelock, Medical Emergency

2Jan       Torrent Bay, Abel Tasman National Park, Medical Emergency

2Jan       Titi Island, Search for Missing Diver

3Jan       Rai Saddle, Motor Vehicle Accident, Car over Bank

3Jan       Yellow  Point, Abel Tasman National Park, Fall

3Jan       Cleopatra’s Pool, Abel Tasman National Park, Fall

3Jan       Kaihoka, STEMI

3Jan       Tasman Bay, Search & Rescue

4Jan       Sharlands, Mountain Bike Fall

4Jan       Blenheim, Medical, STEMI

5Jan       Marahau, Ankle Fracture & Dislocation

5Jan       Takaka Medical Centre, STEMI

5Jan       Gibbs Track, Totaranui, Ankle Fracture & Dislocation

6Jan       Totaranui, Goat Bay Track, Fractured Tib/Fib

6Jan       Clarence River, Back Pain

8Jan       Ngatimoti, Motorbike Crash

9Jan       Speargrass Hut, Abdominal Pain & Vomiting

10Jan     Lake Rotoiti, Medical Emergency

10Jan     Kaiteriteri MB Park, Mountain Bike Fall

10Jan     Gowan Turnoff, Motor Vehicle Accident, Car over Bank

11Jan     Waiau Pass, Beacon Search

11Jan     Kawatiri Junction, Motor Vehicle Accident

12Jan     Takaka Medical Centre, Medical, Breathing Difficulties

12Jan     St Arnaud SH63, Fall

12Jan     St Olmer, Kenepuru Sounds, Medical Emergency

13Jan     Canoe Bay, Fracture & Dislocated Ankle

19Jan     Seaward Kaikoura, Beacon Search

19Jan     Kaikoura, Medical Emergency

20Jan     Cable Bay, Fall

20Jan     Ngatimoti, Man Stuck in River

20Jan     Pelorus, STEMI

20Jan     Puramahoi, Golden Bay, Motorbike Crash

21Jan     Double Bay, Lumbar Back Pain

21Jan     Takaka Hill, Motorbike Crash

21Jan     Kaiteriteri, Mountain Bike Fall

23Jan     Mangles Valley, Medical, Sepsis

24Jan     Motueka, Burns to Feet & Hands

24 Jan   Ward, Medical Emergency

25Jan     Tarakoke, Golden Bay, Concussion

25Jan     Okiwi Bay, Diving

25Jan     d'Urville Island, Cardiac Arrest

25Jan     Angelus Hut, Nelson Lakes National Park, Medical Emergency

26Jan     Kina, Medical Emergency

27Jan     Whangarae Bay, Medical Emergency

27Jan     Silvan Forest, Mountain Bike fall

27Jan     Karamea Medical Centre, Medical Emergency

28Jan     Kaikoura, Medical Emergency

28Jan     Pelorus River, Broken Leg

28Jan     Totaranui, Mountain Bike Fall

28Jan     Wairau Hospital, STEMI

29Jan     Kaikoura Hospital, Medical Emergency

30 Jan   Tahunanui Beach, Drowning

31Jan     Murchison Hospital, Chest Pain

31Jan     Collingwood, Abdominal Pain