Accident and emergency make up approximately 98% of our missions. Much of this work is in the three National Parks and remote locations within the large expanse of country throughout the Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough & Buller area in which we operate. 


1Aug      Wairau Hospital, Medical Emergency

1Aug      Takaka, Anaphylaxis

3 Aug     Takaka, Medical Emergency

7Aug      Takaka, Fall from Tree

8Aug      Port Underwood, Forestry Accident

9Aug      Rai Valley, Medical Emergency

10Aug    Karamea Medical Centre, Medical Emergency

10Aug    Motueka Valley, Medical Emergency

11Aug    Rainbow Ski Field, Back Injury

11Aug    Nelson Hospital, Back Injury

15Aug    Mt Riley, Okaramio, Outdoor Accident

17Aug    Takaka Medical Centre, Medical Emergency

18Aug    Rai Valley, Medical Emergency

18Aug    Tadmor Valley, Broken Leg

19Aug    Takaka Hill, Police

19Aug    Westport Hospital, Medical Emergency

21Aug    Murchison Hospital, Medical Emergency

22Aug    Pakawau, Medical Emergency

24Aug    St Arnaud, Medical Emergency

25Aug    Penzance , Medical Emergency

25Aug    Leatham River    , Motorbike Accident

28Aug    Wairau Hospital, STEMI



5Jul        Rai Valley, Motor Vehicle Accident, Spinal Injuries

6Jul        Murchison Hospital, Medical Emergency

10Jul      Karamea Medical Centre, Heaphy Track, Mountain Bike Accident

13Jul      Takaka, Medical Emergency, STEMI

16Jul      Trass Valley, Outdoor, Multi System Trauma

16Jul      Murchison Hospital, Medical Emergency

19Jul      Linkwater, Medical Emergency

19Jul      Rainbow Ski Field, Snowboarder, Spine Injuries

20Jul      Lake Rotoroa, Fall Down Stairs

23Jul      Murchison Hospital, Shoulder Injury

24Jul      Rai Valley, Motor Vehicle Accident

24Jul      Anakiwia, Outdoor, Fall

26Jul      Granity, Medical Emergency

26Jul      Takaka, Medical Emergency

30Jul      Karamea Medical Centre, Medical Emergency

30Jul      Karamea Medical Centre, Farm, Motorbike Fall



2Jun       Clarence River, Medical Emergency

9Jun       Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park, Mountain Bike Accident

10Jun     Rarangi, Medical Emergency

15Jun     St Arnaud, Medical Emergency

16Jun     Nelson Hospital, Medical, STEMI

17Jun     Salisbury Lodge, Kahurangi NP, Lower Leg Injury

17Jun     Shenandoah Highway, Motor Vehicle Accident

17Jun     Nelson Hospital, Hospital Transfer

19Jun     Awaroa, Crushed Leg

20Jun     Kaikoura, Medical Emergency

20Jun     Kaikoura, Medical Emergency

21Jun     Takaka, Rugby Knock Out

21Jun     Kenepuru Heads, Ankle Injury

22Jun     Mahau Sound, Medical Emergency

23Jun     Nelson Airport, Medical, STEMI

25Jun     Westport Hospital, Jaw Injury

28Jun     Waihopai Valley, Tractor Rollover

28Jun     88 Valley Road, Quadbike Rollover

29Jun     The Brook, Mountain Bike Accident

30Jun     Beacon Search, Maitai



6May     Red Hills, Hunters Hut, Beacon

6May     Codgers, Mountain Bike Accident

8May     Marahau, Medical Emergency

8May     St Arnaud, Medical Emergency

8May     Ngatimoti, Outdoor Accident

9May     Tapawera, Medical Emergency

10May   Nelson - Wellington, Maternity

10May   Takaka, Medical Emergency

13May   Motueka Valley, Medical Emergency

14May   Kaikoura Hospital, Medical Emergency

16May   Wairau Hospital, Medical Emergency

20May   Murchison Hospital, Medical Emergency

20May   Wairau - Wellington Hospital, STEMI

24May   Rai Valley, Thumb Amputation

24May   Riwaka, Medical Emergency

25May   Hope Saddle, MVA, Multi Trauma

27May   Moutere, Motor Cross

28May   Takaka, Medical Emergency

28May   Sandy Bay, Kenepuru Sound, MVA, Shoulder Injury

29May   Tadmor, Medical Emergency

31May   Torrent Bay. Dislocated Hip

31May   Wairau Hospital, Medical Emergency

31May   Takaka Hospital, Concussion



1Apr       Eves Valley, Leg Injuries

1Apr       Nelson Lakes National Park, Beacon Search

2Apr       Tirohanga Track Picton, Medical Emergency

2Apr       The Snout Track Picton, Ankle Injury

2Apr       Anchorage Abel Tasman National Park, Medical Emergency

3Apr       Anchorage Abel Tasman, National Park, Ruptured Achilles

4Apr       Motueka, Stabbing

5Apr       Hector, Medical, Cardiac Arrest / STEMI

5Apr       Takaka Hospital, Medical Emergency

7Apr       Pohara, Motorbike Accident

8Apr       Blenheim to Hutt Hospital, Finger Amputation

8Apr       Maruia, Motor Vehicle Accident, Multi trauma

9Apr       Murchison Hospital, Medical Emergency

11Apr    Rai Valley, Medical Emergency

11Apr    John Tait Hut, Ankle Injury

14Apr    Nelson Hospital, Medical Emergency

14Apr    Renwick, Spine Injury

15Apr    Nelson Hospital, Medical Emergency

15Apr    Clova Bay, Marlborough Sounds, Medical Emergency

15Apr    Thor Hut , Ankle Injury

16Apr    Mary Bay, Arm Injury

18Apr    Blenheim, Medical, STEMI

19Apr    Karamea Medical Centre, Medical Emergency

20Apr    Pohara, Medical Emergency

21Apr    Westport Hospital, Medical, STEMI

22Apr    Kawatiri Junction, Motor Vehicle Accident, Multi trauma

23Apr    Motueka Valley, Medical Emergency

24Apr    Kapowai Bay, d’Urville, Medical Emergency

25 Apr   Blenheim, Medical, STEMI

25Apr    Blenheim, Medical Emergency

25Apr    Marahau Sandy Bay Road, Motor Vehicle Accident, Multi Trauma

25Apr    Mt Fishtail / Wakamarina, Beacon Search, Concussion

26Apr    Kahurangi National Park, Beacon Search, Lost Trampers

28Apr    Duncan Bay, Marlborough Sounds, Medical Emergency

28Apr    Torrent Bay, Abel Tasman, Medical Emergency